The Designer Sara Kluss

I've always wanted to be a designer since I was a teenager.  I remember wearing a short skirt with jeans underneath, a tie with a t-shirt which was inspired by Avril Lavigne and arm warmers made out of knit socks with colorful prints.  With all my early days of crazy fashion, during my high school years I started to fall in love with vintage fashion. What I loved most about vintage fashion was the gorgeous details: darts, pin tucks, smocking, pleats.....the gorgeous styles, silhouettes, fabrics, prints,  and colors.  


After graduating from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing I decided to go to fashion school.  I graduated from the University of the Incarnate Word with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, Minor in Fashion Design. For several years, I worked in fashion and even non-fashion related jobs because hey! I had bills to pay.  With my fashion jobs I really wanted to learn about the industry and along the way I had really amazing people teach me about the industry and to those people I owe so much! To start a business, you need money so therefore it took several years of saving up money to finally get started.    


Which now brings me to this…….over the years I regularly shopped at vintage stores and collected vintage pieces.  I was having a hard time finding true vintage in my size. I noticed that many vintage clothing inspired brands are more pin-up girl style which I love however, I wanted to find something that was more Lucille Ball than Betty Grable.   


In my late 20s, many of my friends were getting married and starting families. I started to notice maternity wear more and my friends shared their frustrations about finding fashionable and classic maternity wear. During my own pregnancy I struggled to find vintage inspired clothing made for maternity.  The maternity market is limited in colors, prints and styles.  The bigger brands have taken over the maternity fashion and .  I was frustrated with the lack of options.  


Taking all these frustrations together I decided to start my own brand that would fill that missing gap in the market of vintage inspired detailed clothing in a moderate to better price point in a range of sizes for any stage of a woman’s life.


My hope as a designer is that the every woman who wears a NuEve clothing piece will love wearing it as much as I loved designing it.